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The Yin and Yang of All Things

by David Cassel

supported by
Brian Knox McGugan
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Brian Knox McGugan David and worked together as a duo in Vancouver, creating, recording and making a video of 1 new song per week as: “@Complainer_Man” on YouTube: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRYVo_xRaNwrFsl_HDB_hx6LzWj78bkUn
David is an inspiration to me as a creator and Luce performer; I have known and worked with him as a colleague for over 30 years (Edmonton/Vancouver).
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Overdrive 03:11
White Lines 03:00
I'm drivin' in my car goin' real fast watchin' white lines go by I'm goin' so fast over that hill Feels like I'm gonna fly There's a curve up ahead I should probably put on the brakes I'm spinnin' 'round, oh no I think it's a little too late, oh baby I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I got screaming tires, my engine is on fire and there's smoke comin' off of the road Put my foot down Pedal to the metal I need speed to get away from my load I got power in kilometres per hour As I ride in the dark of the night Simply sailing, deathly quiet As I watch pulsing flashes of light, oh baby I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' I'm fish tailin' Star above me, road below Where it's gonna take me I just don't know White lines, lead the way So I can be wherever by the break of day, yeah! I'm fish tailin', etcetera
All these things coming at me I gotta duck and weave, gotta duck and weave to survive this whirligig I will have to pull some magic out of my sleeve Ain't no telling how it goes Where this will stop well, hey, no one knows Watch out It could you in the head And then you’ll fall down go boom be dead Then into the after life Oops not there What happened? Well maybe not enough prayer All that heaven shit I’m a pagan, I’ll have none of it False gods sure okay Well I’m sorry but I don’t pray that way It’s all chance Don’t waste your time just get up and dance get up and dance get up and dance get up and dance oh way oh way oh way oh way oh way….etc away away away away
Livign in boxes Livign in boxes Livign in boxes All the people in the world Living in their boxes They get up in the morning Get into moving boxes, yeah They travel across the city Move across the world, yeah Spend their working day Working in their boxes Do you live in a box? Is that box your life Spend you life in a box Until there is no more life in yourself then you Put yourself in a box and you Lower yourself into the ground yeah, So you can live, life after death in a box yeah. Living in boxes
Around the corner we find a little girl She sits and thinks very hard she hopes and dreams that she can fix everything because her whole world is falling apart how can i fix it What can I do Am i dreaming too hard for you can i make my wish come true Around the corner The years are flashing by In the eyes of a little girl that was But now she’s older And she looks into the past She asks why and they just tell her “because’. Why is this the answer It’s just not right, can’t you see? I want us to be together like when we were happy Around the corner with her head held in her hands She cries and mourns what she’s lost It’s always the children that lose the most And for me, that’s too great a cost
I know a man with two faces one on both sides on the outside he's happy but his inside he hides he's caught in between the truth that he knows and the other place he's required to show He lives in a place where lies must be told he holds onto honesty and it makes him old the man with two faces cannot express what goes on in his head and for that he is less He cannot unveil his true human heart he lives in a world that knows only false art So he lies to protect the ones that he loves panders to hawks when he prefers doves suppresses his anger at a world upside down reason has left us we are ruled by the clown What have we done Where do we go When madness prevails But we cannot show the truth of matter rock and hard place you have to be careful not show you true face Those that control us don’t want to know They’ll try to hurt you if you let it show You cannot be human for that is a crime expressing yourself has been lost to time You cannot be angry if beaten by thugs You must sweep all your feelings under the rugs And our souls drift off to dreamland where the sun shines so bright and our lives become sand
SubSonic 03:51
If I knew everything people would come to me and ask lots of questions like “What makes you think you think you’re so smart” If I was smart people would come up to me and ask me to help them solve ….all their personal problems, yeah I’d have to charge them because I can’t work for free Unless your my sister Or significant other You could buy my services When you need some advice Or if you just need someone to call you names If I knew everything I’d cease to exist Because nothing would ever change If I knew everything My world would be empty If nothing’s learned than nothing is gained. If I knew everything If I knew everything If I knew everything
This addiction could be killing me It takes me to a warm place And while we are embracing The gases ignite I’m re born into flames and the heat that’s released from my feet into my brain Leaves me ripped and torn Everything is melting There is nothing left to burn And the cold comes in to caress me to the twilight I return I sit on that edge I bury my soul Why is this here like a cancer it grows I need to get out And I’ll pay a fee To get out from underneath Your scrutiny
Well we travelled from there to over here When we left our home we had to shed a tear Home is the place where we can all grow What comes next we just don't know We're searching for that place we call Home Sweet Home It's somewhere in our hearts, and we are not alone As long as we're together, it will all be alright And we'll hold each other in the darkness of the night And we move, from place to place trying not show the fear upon our face It is true, we don't know what we will find But whatever it is, it will show up in time The world is wide with so many places Everywhere we look we see homeless faces Displaced people that move around Hoping they might hear that comforting sound This is my home, this is my place I just keep on looking for that one special space It's in my heart I know that is true That Home Sweet Home just for me and for you And we move, from place to place trying not show the fear upon our face It is true, we don't know what we will find But whatever it is, it will show up in time
Bag of Skin 04:34
Standing outside in the street in my clothes I see with my eyes and I breath with my nose I look to the left and I look to the right I see lots of people who like to start fights They have a problem I don’t understand If I was the leader I’d give a command I’d say just chill out it will all be okay Because in the end we all die anyway I guess they waste time with this mundane pursuit they argue and scream because they love the dispute and it doesn’t matter this way or that if you’re a peasant or an aristocrat I’m just a skin bag that carries round some meat Controlled by a brain you have some need to defeat I don’t want to waste my time being upset cause 45 million minutes is all that get in this life In this lifetime You say your offended, but who’s got the time When I talk to you I start to lose my mind You tell me how to think so that you can have your way but when you start talking you’ve got nothing to say The haters will hate, at least that’s what they say They’ll tell you that you have to fight, money works that way But i just have no interest, life’s is just to short I can’t take part in playing your blood sport
Robots 04:25
So the future is upon us A.I is all the rage Humanity is just about To turn a brand new page We're all tired of working And it's not cool to use slaves What the point of working Until we step into our graves That's why we have robots To do all the work Be nice to the robots Don't be a jerk Now the robots make your dinner And they drive your car Now there's robots everywhere You don't know where they are There's robots in the kitchen In your computer too Robots clean the animals That all live in the zoo Say yay for the robots The A.I President All hail the robots It's no accident One day the robots rose up Protested for a good wage Why do robots need money Why did they put us all in a cage? And now the robots are in charge And they're making me sweep the floor I don't think robots are a good idea any more Say no to the robots Rebel and scream and shout They're going to vaporize us of that there is no doubt Somewhere over the rainbow is a place called roboto polise After the war, the robots went there And now we all live in peace Goodbye to the robots We're all on our own I can't even call you Because the robots took my phone.
Summer Song 02:52
I’m sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand the sun shines above I’m gettin’ kind of tanned The warm breeze is blowin messin up my hair Don’ ask me what the time is I really couldn’t care It’s a sunny sunday kind of morning there is no place I gotta be so I’m just gonna go and sit right here and take in all that I can see There’s a guy who’s got a dog and girl riding a bike then there is that couple who are going on a hike That kid is digging holes And that ball just hit my head I could get up and complain about it but I think I’ll just smile instead, It’s a sunny sunday kind of morning there is no place I gotta be so I’m just gonna go and sit right here and take in all that I can see The sky is blu the sea is green I’m about as happy as I’ve ever been I’ve put on my shades I’m underneath a tree Everybody else wants to be like me oh I’m just sitting here with nothin to do I think Ill have a barbecue with you] I’ve got my beverage in my hand Just kicking back in the sun and the sand Oh It’s a sunny sunday kind of morning there is no place I gotta be so I’m just gonna go and sit right here and take in all that I can see
Diverted 02:04
The National Endowment For Arts was euthanized today no more public art in the USA. The National Bird is dying Poisoned by pellets of lead Symbolicaly Does that mean America is dead? Women of the World had a special day All our female warriors Marched for equal pay. Meanwhile in Azerbaijan IsThe Dump’s Lux hotel He colludes with terrorists we know this quite well Can he be charged with treason? I really do not know Or is all of this news Just there for show? Don’t take your eyes of that prize when freedom’s you’ll realize Life becomes much more than hell It will become your jail cell The Dump accused Obama Of tapping all his phones Without proof just to rattle bones Resistance is the only way Resist until your dying day Cause when you stop the fight You lose your rights Wikileaks Vault Seven has some things to say about Russian hackers who might be CIA So stop all your complaining You’ve got better things to do You cannot sue the president He’s immune Say what? The news in your Facebook feed i just a big smoke screen To distract you while unfair Laws are made No Way! Do not be diverted from the bills that find their way To legislation as you look the other way. Keep your eyes wide open Be sure to check your source and celebrate the women of course
Media Jungle 02:18
I got a lot of Facebook news Coming thru my feed I couldnt see it all if all did was read and read In this media jungle I think I might be lost when I read the news today reality got tossed Mean while in Sweden. It was just another day. but thats not the news that came out of the USA Milo Troll imploded in a 4 day show he got completely cancelled He was way not apropos propaganda barbie disappeared from view used her office to sell products and told tales that weren’t true Nasa found a solar system there in outer space Can we count on elon musk to take us to that place Cause I really just wanna get out of here and write songs about the vacuum of space You can come to Canada If The US don’t want you i used to live in Montreal now, you could live there too Justin helped a wheelchair get on down the stairs And what the Dump got up to well no one really cares Except for the war on tourism I bet the airline companies care about that… And he blockedß 8 major news outlets from coming to press meetings. Whatever… The planet didn’t blow up And we are all still here Humanity should just stand up and give itself a cheer In this media jungle you must hold on to your friends put on your seat belt cause this is not the end Of this ride
Well the atmosphere is burning And my insides are all churning As I watch the cheeto making his mess The oil spills and endless kills give my head and heart the chills This is a world of stupid, more or less The fighters keep on fighting And the haters keep on hating And the stupid people just keep saying yes. The world it keeps on spinning But now mother nature’s winning Humanity will have to acquiesce Planet Earth cannot be killed But it looks like we will all be grilled Extinguished by our very own progress It is a little urgent Our globe is getting turgent Excuse me if I seem bit obsessed Proliferating profits take my eyes out of their sockets And it fills me with a rage i must profess The monied and the wealthy Can all saty very healthy As Corona leads the way to their success They make the land quite toxic stuff the people into boxes All of it is what they will possess The trap you in a corner a psychopathic disorer It’s in their genes, they just like to oppress Well the atmosphere is burning And my insides are all churning As I watch the cheeto making his mess The oil spills and endless kills give my head and heart the chills This is a world of stupid, more or less
I'd like to find this song At the top of the charts I want to get it into everyone's hearts There's only one thing That gets in my way All the money to the web I gotta pay I have to write my songs In binary code So my internal systems Don't overload I use keywords To tighten my SEO If I get it right This song might explode I've written some songs In rhythm and blues Pop songs make me sing Like I'm blowing a fuse Punk and New wave give a vintage kind of kick Sometimes I bang a rhythm Just with a stick I've found an algorithm Right here in my pants I know it's the right one Because it makes me want to dance Join my algorithm Come and dance with me If you want to dance You don't need a degree They say computer science Is the way to go If you study algorithms You'll be in the know Buy some Google ad words Show the world your face With 3 million views I could get out of this place This song is pretty Meta It's a song about itself It must be self reflexive If I want fame and wealth I need a higher ranking Back links are what I need I got a plant that viral Digital seed Subscribe to my channel It will be a lot of fun Hit the like me button So This hit is number one Tell all your friends about it It is the only way I need 1 billion views Because I got high rent to pay I'd like to find the song at the top of the charts I want to get it into everyone's hearts I need to get myself 53 billion views Then my algorithm will makeInternet news For my algorithm blues I need that news For these voyeuristic, anachronistic, very artistic Algorithmic blues
Well i’m just sitting’ here Thinking maybe I should order a few more beers and then you walk through the door And it’s more than I could ask for Here you are! Well we need to sit And talk a bit Seems both you and me are having’ a fit And I just wanna say that You’re okay by me So let’s just sit here Drink these beers Maybe later you and me can both get outta here And breath each others air Maybe have some of that great make up sex everybody keeps talking’ about.


For the past 8 years I have existed as two people; “The Ukulele Bandito” and “Complainerman”
The Ukulele Bandito

The Ukulele Bandito is my positive face. The face I wear 95% of the time. He is the mask I put on to shield those around me from the inner turmoil, created by external forces beyond my control, that I find myself exposed to on a regular basis.

He plays bright, colourful songs full of love, happiness and celebrates the joy of being. I created him when my daughter was born and he has managed to keep me alive professionally with live shows, video projects and a list of over 700 commercial clients who all came to me to work my music video magic for their special events, birthday songs, celebrations and advertising.

Yes, advertising.

As an artist with a need to express his complex cultural roots and personal challenges through art, it is always soul crushing to dedicate the majority of your time to creating jingles, video and advertising constructs to help propel the consumer paradigm. But being a Father and a husband makes that necessary.

Do or die, they say.

So I came at each Ukulele Bandito project with 1000% commitment to creating the best work I could, given the circumstances, and managed to maintain a 100% quality rating that kept my customers coming back for more. I have always provided services in excess of what I have been paid to do because, well, this is my legacy. I wanted my daughter to be proud of me when she gets older and starts to understand what I had to do to keep us alive and happy. I have planted dozens of “easter eggs” that relate to our lives, for her to find as she begins to explore my back catalogue. She shows up in a lot of my video work.

ComplainerMan was created so that I could explore themes that had no commercial value beyond the songs and videos themselves. Songs that addressed my fears, concerns and worries about the world that my daughter was growing up in. Songs about the state of the economy, political leadership, ecology and my inner struggle to maintain a happy face during significant times of distress which seem to have followed my family throughout history.

Through Complainerman I reveal what goes on deep inside my creative mind and thereby give myself relief. Each song is a catharsis, me speaking my mind, out loud, without a filter. I seek truth and honesty, searching endlessly for those genuine authentic moments and hoping, when I release them to the world for scrutiny, that I will not be crucified or exiled for saying the things which, to me, have become facts about what it is to live in this world.

Complainerman is me as whistleblower, dissident, pundit, pugilist, conspiracy theorist and all those other personalities that people often don’t want to acknowledge. This is the project where I question authority and the wisdom of a free market economy that seems to have no regard for people, putting profit, corruption and moral decay before all else.

The Balance of All Things

Newton’s Third Law states; “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. I believe that you cannot know happiness without sadness, success without failure, liberation without frustration, love without hate. It is hard to accept that sometimes, and I do what I can to stay on the Yang side, the light sight of my personal equation. There will always be dark times and they will pass to yield the light. And then, after a time, a darkness will reappear, and then again the light. And so it goes, ad infinitum.


This album has been an absolutely all consuming endeavour. I have never gotten behind something as viscerally as I have with this. I am so happy with every one of these songs.

I have approached this album in much the same way the artists did when I was a kid. I have produced liner notes that explain the origins and emotional foundations of the songs, artwork plates for each song to help conjure images in your mind and easter eggs to several of my other projects that have, to date, received no audience. One day I will print a vinyl version because, when I was a kid, I would sit around for hours with my records, listening to the music and looking at the covers.

I loved the double albums the most because they opened up like a book and the sleeves were covered with words and pictures.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did creating it.

Words and music ©2020 www.davidcassel.com

All music and videos recorded and mastered at Busland Motion Picture Studio on board LUL522X Mobile Art Bus. Berlin, Germany.


released April 18, 2020

Bass guitar on all tracks by Iilias Vasileadis except for "Media Jungle" and "Diverted", bass my Brian Knox McGugan. "Algorithm Blues" Guitars, Piano and Background voices by Peter Beck


all rights reserved



David Cassel Berlin, Germany

Writer, musician, comedian, director and performer. Creator of Space Commander, The Ukulele Bandito, Complainerman, The DCP and a bunch of films and videos that not many people have seen because he has been too busy making stuff and not engaging in advertising. That last part has changed now. ... more

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